Noah – The Practical Car Accessory

Keeping your car outdoors can be a risk at the best of time, but particularly so in these winter months. Now that the cold and wet has really set in, you may already begin to see sign of wear and tear on your car. Really, you, and your car deserve better than that. You car deserves a long life, without having to be constantly cleaned, polished and repaired. As for, you, you will enjoy saving yourself the money and bother of having to do it. This is where the Noah large car cover can help you out. Noah, is a the name of a car cover that is manufactured by the one of the world’s leading car covering companies, Covercraft. Together with Kimberley-Clark, Covercraft have produced their own fabric for the Noah cover, made up of bi-component fibers, closely sheathing various materials together. The cover consists of three layers that will enable the cover to fully protect your car in every way.

The outer layer is made up of polypropylene, which makes it soft, but tough against the various weather conditions, and resists the ultra violet rays. The inner-most layer is also composed of polypropylene, but it is combined together with nylon, to create a tough core. Sandwiched between the two is a layer of micro-porous film. This enables the cover to be breathable; air and moisture are allowed out but not in. In this way, the car still has a chance to breathe and sweat whilst covered, without getting steamed up and rotten. Together, these three layers make it totally impenetrable for the various harsh weather conditions from wrecking your car. The car is completely protected against the rain, sleet, snow, sun and even wind. Yes, the wind can be dangerous for your car too. With the wind, often there is a lot of flying debris. These could be seemingly little things such as sticks and stones, but when they fly through the air, they end up scratching and denting cars.

As the Noah cover is three layers thick, it is able to absorb the shock of the impact of these collisions, and will prevent an impression from being made on the actual car. The Noah cover will cushion your car from those annoying little nicks and dings. The three layers also make the cover much more durable and resistant to rips and tears that may happen with use. You will find that Noah is particularly practical as it can be folded up compactly when not in use, and will not take up any space. You can even take it with you wherever you travel, so that you and your car are always covered and never caught out. In addition, the cover will resist the growth of rot and mildew, hence it can be folded up whilst still damp – you don’t even have to wait for it to be completely dry! Noah covers always look good too, as they are custom made. They are tailor made for your car, and will even include mirror and aerial pockets, when applicable. This gives your car a sleek, and classy impression, even whilst covered.

Protect Your Car This Winter Before It’s Too Late

Halloween has come and gone, the first nor’easter barreled through like a freight train, and Thanksgiving is on the way. Ah, yes, it’s time to get the cars ready to tough it out through winter again. In this rough economy, there are a lot of changes for many of us. One of the changes I’m noticing is families consolidating homes or moving out of a single family home into an apartment or condominium. We all do what we must to get by, but don’t forget to protect your automobile. Just a few hours of love will make all the difference this winter.

Noah Cover Is The Ultimate Protection For an SUV

Each and every type of car needs protection and shielding from the harsh elements of nature. Even more so a SUV. Due to the increased gas prices, many SUV are parked on the streets, waiting to be used when the prices are more reasonable. Until then, the SUVs are just there waiting to get wrecked. They are not in use, and therefore the dust and dirt just piles up, so that when the time finally comes to use the SUV, extensive repairs and cleaning needs to be done. This is a shame, and an unnecessary expense. The ideal car cover for an SUV is the Noah cover from Covercraft. Covercraft is a company that is known for its reliability and top quality products. They have spent many years researching different fabrics and the protective components they have, and based upon this, have produced some of the best covers worldwide. The Noah cover is one of their all-weather covers. It is composed of three layers, made from bi-component fibres. The outer layer is soft and ultra-violet resistant; it is made from polypropylene. The middle layer is made from a micro-porous film so that the cover is breathable. The inner-most layer is made from a combination of a tough nylon core and polypropylene woven together. All together, the three layers make the Noah cover durable, and totally weather-proof.

The advantage of the cover being breathable is that the car has a chance to sweat and breathe whilst covered, without the worry of it getting steamed up and mouldy. This is done by air and moist particles being allowed to escape out through the fabric, but not in. The SUV will therefore still remain completely protected from water and other unwanted liquids. As Noah is comprised of three layers, it is able to absorb the shock of any knocks and bashes, without them making any sort of impression on the SUV itself. The cover cushions the car, and shields it from potential scratches and dents. The cover is also more durable, and unlikely to succumb to rips and tears, due to its reinforcement of three layers. When the SUV is ready to used once more, it will be clean and still shiny, without any sorts of stains, due to the Noah cover. The cover will still be able to serve as protection, and can travel with the SUV as it is very compact. The Noah cover fold up small and neatly enough to fit in a corner of the trunk, ensuring that wherever the driver goes, it will be protected. It will resist the growth of rot and mildew, so that the cover does not even have to be completely dry when folded away. Noah covers are custom-made so that the cover will fit the SUV precisely. This maximises the protection offered, as there is no space for anything to creep in unnoticed. It also gives the SUV a much more classy, chic look when covered, just as a SUV deserves.

Why I’ll Always Use a Car Cover

I am a big game show enthusiast. I love watching all the old favorites: The Price is Right, Let’s Make a Deal, and even reruns of the Gong Show. One day I was chillin’ at the pad and it suddenly hit me-why shouldn’t I be a contestant? It would be a dream come true and there would be a chance for instant fame and even a jackpot of prizes. So the next time my favorite came show “So You Want to Win a Corvette” came to town, I was first in line and sure enough I was selected! I used all my wiles and guiles answering question after question until I came to the final round. The host looked me in the eye and asked me the difficult jackpot question:

“General Motors produces the Corvette under which brand?”

I racked my brains for 10 straight minutes but finally spoke up in a trembling voice:


The audience roared with excitement and confetti rained down upon the set.

I had won a fully equipped ‘vette of my own!

I parked the beauty in my driveway and went inside to watch some TV. I felt quite content as I flipped through the channels-after all I had a sportscar of my own and thus a place of honor among the big ballers. At 11:00pm the local news came on with a special alert. A rare bird had escaped from the zoo earlier that evening and was on the loose somewhere in my part of town. The bird was easily recognized by its colorful plumage and acidic droppings. I started to doze off as the anchorman’s words echoed through my head….acidic droppings…acidic droppings… I woke with a start in the midst of a nightmare. “Acidic droppings!” I shrieked. “Nooooooo!” I leapt off the sofa and ran out the door. There in the driveway sat my beloved prize, but there was something wrong. The entire car was sizzling and giving off smoke from its surfaces. I heard a loud ‘squawk’ and beheld the culprit taking wing after so devastatingly performing its unholy act. It took a fortune to restore the car to its former glory, but I learned my lesson and bought a car cover. Though perhaps nothing in the world would protect against unprovoked acts of bird, a car cover it would surely keep my Corvette safe from the normal elements in the future.

How To Choose The Right Car Cover That Will Not Damage Your Car

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garage to keep their car in and even if you do you may be like me and have too much junk to be able to park your car there. Things like tree sap, especially from pine trees, hail, and exposure to the sun can ruin your car’s paint quickly. If you want to protect your car’s finish from the elements you may want to consider investing in a car cover, however there are some things you need to know before you do this. A good quality car cover can go a long way in protecting your vehicle’s finish but the wrong cover can ruin it! You can find a good quality cover for your car for under a hundred dollars in most cases so price isn’t a big issue. If you can afford a car that you care about protecting you can afford to cover it. Car covers come in assorted sizes with some being generic to fit any average size car and others made for trucks and SUVs. There are also covers designed for specific vehicles, if you own a very expensive car you may want to consider one of these. When you are looking for a car cover you will find that there are really two choices when it comes to types of covers. First you will see waterproof covers and then water repellant covers. A water repellant cover on the other hand is a little more permeable and will prevent moisture from forming under it. You will pay a little more for a water repellant cover but like anything else, it is because you get what you pay for. A water repellant cover is much better for your vehicle than a waterproof one. You may even want to cover your car in the garage, especially if it is a car you don’t drive often like an old classic Corvette or Muscle Car.  The cost of a car cover is nothing when you consider the cost of repairing even a minor ding or scratch as well as what the damage doe to the value of the car. Consider the purchase of a car cover an investment in the protection of your car.

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